Have a question, comment or want to suggest a new feature? We are always happy to hear from you and we always respond as quickly as possible (that often means minutes, but can on ocassion mean days).

Write us at payplaysoftware@mac.com

We have been in business since 1984, so if you have one of our older email addresses, please note that the above address is the least spammed and most reliable.

Most answers to your questions can be found in the Help section of the application. Something not clear? Something incorrect, or missing? Let us know so we can continue to improve the help section and the application itself.

LPP6 user, looking for an upgrade? The price for the application at the Apple Store is the same price as the upgrade used to be, so just go ahead and buy it from there. While we went 10 years between offering paid upgrades, on the Apple Site they (currently) have no way to charge for an upgrade, even if we wanted to (and we don't want to if we can help it).

The latest version of LPP7 is Available Exclusively from the Apple Mac App Store.

Want to print addresses from Apple's AddressBook?

SAVE YOUR MONEY! It is built in to every Mac.

Check out our tutorial for printing labels for free with the software you already have.

Known Maverick Issue for LPP7: We have had a few reports of quiting when trying to print or save, and they were able to fix it (and we confirmed this) by selecting one of the labels and making it a favorite (clicking on the gray dot to the left of the product code and making it red - see image). Somehow writing to the preference file fixed the problem.

Have you Fixed Permissions yet with Disk Utility yet? It is always a good idea after a major system install.

We are working on a solution, but for now it is so rare a problem we don't have enough reports to figure out what is going wrong. So, if you have the problem please let us know if this works for you.